21 April 2012

A little birthday-pressie

...for a dear friend's birthday some time ago! (;
Made after a chinese-take-out-box (;

The strawberry is, of course, tante ema! (;

14 April 2012


Part I (already written on March 10th, but never published)
I want every Saturday to be sunny like today and when you open your mailbox there's a big brown envelope in it, sent from the States - to be precise an envelope from American Crafts! (;
But let's start back in October when the Amy-Mini-Book, that was included in the Studio-Calico-kit, had a damaged front page that looked like this:
I sent an Email to American Crafts with this photo attatched and waited...'til beginning of January when I forwareded my original Email to them again, and waited...This time it took only a few days and I received an Email asking me to send in the damaged Mini-Book, which I did.
End of February I started wondering if by now my Mini-Book hadn't arrived there and sent another Email, that didn't get answered, so I sent a second Email the following week. This time I received a reply by Julie/American Crafts, that she had seen my Mini-Book and passed the replacement-conversation on to a colleague, who seemes to have forgotten about it...A chain of misshappenings...But today (about only two weeks later), the replacement-Mini-Book came!And it was not alone! (;
Wohoooo!The waiting has been rewarded!

Part II (written today April 14th)
Who thought, that this story would be over, WAS WRONG! (;
The day before yesterday I received a letter from German customs duty office...they always include a copy of the stickers on the package and I was able to read "American Crafts" and instantly thought "WHAT THE HECK, I ALREADY RECEIVED MY PACKAGE WHY DO YOU WRITE WEEKS LATER?!"
Yesterday, I stopped at the customs duty office.
They asked me for an invoice - which I certainly didn't have and I explained that this could only be my replacement mini-book.
We opened the package to reveal the mini-book, an invoice 2,20 $ (((; and a lot of "PROMOTION MATERIAL"((((; as the customs officer called it! MEN!!!! (;
As the amount stated on the invoice was so low I was able to take my package with me without having to pay tax or customs!!!
And here's what came with my second Amy-mini-book-replacement:

01 April 2012

iPad-cover and paper-strawberries

As my DH was on a business-trip friday and saturday I had some time to craft!
So friday night i made some paper-strawberries.
I'll try to make them a bit more flat on the bottom, but for now I like them like that, too! By the way: I don't mind using this lovely SU-christmas-papers! (;

Yesterday I had a crafty afternoon @ my colleague Birgit's house and we sewed iPad-covers!
Mine is far from perfect, but I like it anyway!
The fabric is www.tanteema.com AND the designs are mine! (;
Blogged from my iPad! (;


What a great day this was! (;

2 weeks ago we attended another great Geocaching-Event.
Fellow geocachers had arranged for a huge group to visit the mine in Schauinsland-mountain . And so we boarded a cabin of the cable railway and flew on top!
We had put on our mud-clothes, were given an helmet and a
head-lamp and started the adventure!
Visitors are only allowed for three galleries, which are only reachable by wooden ladders and there are many ladders! (;

So we climbed up and down, squeezed into centuries-old driven galleries, looked into man-made huge caves and deep water-filled holes.
When we saw the spot, where only the mine-association-members are allowed to climb down to the deeper galleries we felt the geocachers-urge to climb down in the black hole, too! (;

Except for not being able to explore more this was a great experience and we learned so much during these 2,5 hours!
And the sore muscles we had the next days were only reminders of this great day!

Afterwards we were rewarded with a yummy meal!
I had "Käs-Spätzle" (swabian noodles with onions and melted cheese) and a salad!

Blogged from my iPad! (;