11 Februar 2012

"Thank you" cards

There's one thing left from our civil wedding I haven't shown you yet:
the "Thank you" cards.

Here they are:
 Love the crazy photos and our button-theme!
Still needing plenty of green/lime-buttons for the summer-wedding! (;
Have a wonderful weekend!

06 Februar 2012

BUTTONS all around!

First I want to show you - as promised in December - our invitations for our civil wedding!

We LOVED them,
our guests LOVED them,
they were US (;
Not too serious - just like we are!

And here's a collage showing our official photos (;
And my two bouquets (;
The one my colleagues gave to me:

And the official one (;
See the buttons?
And the two "badges" our colleagues made for us!
(by the way: they're lying on a piece of tante-ema-fabric I designed!(((; )

You can guess that the button-theme will reoccur for our curch-wedding-invites and reception-decorations! (;
AND I have planned to let my tailor add little and small green buttons to my wedding-dress! THIS IS WHY I ASK FOR YOUR HELP:
Could you please have a look in your sewing box if there are some green buttons (up to 15mm) that you could spare - I WOULD LOVE TO INCLUDE THEM! (;

I have already collected some: