13 Juni 2011


The card I crafted for my Mum for Mother's Day.
The card was only about 10x10 cm but my
Mom really liked it! (;

I have to admit that cards are something I'm always afraid of.
They frighten me maybe because I'm always in a hurry,
I tend to wait with creating them until the day before I need them.
And this is not really helpful (;
I think it intimidates me not to have a 12x12 paper with loads of room!

Anyway - a few weeks ago I decided to go to (my first)
Stampin Up-Workshop held by Angelina.

We had 4 hours and (with a cake interruption (;)
I managed to finish 8 cards.
And I realized quickly, that I loved being inspired
by the cards Angelina had displayed ... (;
But I did not copy everything like others did,
I had to use my own color combos, etc.
My first one was this card,
I think it's a beautiful card - simple but lovely. (;
I love the 2nd one because it
is so bold and strong! (;
I don't know if I will ever use this one, but I had to
try this stamping wheel and the label punch&stamp. 
 This one went a bit wrong...
When I had finished the card I decided to punch
the edges - and reached for the big corner punch
instead of the small one. Afterwards the 90°-angles
of the white paper looked awkward - so I rounded them
with my scissors...which is definitely

And then I needed two baby-cards...
No.1 for my friend Katharina
 No.2 - for my friend Alex
 And as there was still enough time,
I decided to craft another card. (;
I liked this workshop and I will definitely
attend another one at Angelina's home!

My creative life after CAR3...

...has changed significantly:
the workshop-experience has taught me to dive into my
materials and do something with it - not just adoring it! (;

I'm already craving for the next workshop!

So here's what I did with all my CMC's
(CAR Memory Cards)
Using my brand-new Crop-a-dile to create the closure (;
and a pinked circle punched with Celine's punch
@ her workshop, that I didn't use for my album.
 My CMC - unfortunately I did not take ANY photo
of the back-sides I created...);
My personal CMC from my roommate Nina! (;
And a few other ones:
's lovely CMC
 Heike's CMC
 Imme's CMC
...and last but not least: Barbara's CMC!
...and my signature on the backside of the cover.
Love this little book of creative ideas! (;

CAR3 - the last part

Better late than never, yes!? (;
The last two workshops of my CAR3 were Barbara's and Corinne's.

Barbara had ordered a special shaped
album cover for her workshop @formulor
and this is what I made of it - a mini about our
dearest hobby: Geocaching.

And the cool thing about her workshop were the "transfer-techniques".
Here's one... (;
 ...the little twin-cam, that every participant had dangling
from their welcome bag. (;
During our lunch-break we headed out to take a group shot:

My next and last workshop was Corinne Delis' selfportrait-workshop.
 Unfortunately it was not what I had hoped for.
Don't get me wrong: Corinne is a lovely person and
I think she's a wonderful photographer,
but it just was not my kind of workshop.
Additionally there was a real bad headache
keeping me from taking nice selfportraits...
And the second part of the workshop, when she
explained how she treats her photos in Photoshop
was just boring for me, because
you know I am a professional graphic-designer...

But nevertheless:
I am already waiting for the announcement of CAR4! (;