25 Januar 2010

Kirstins birthday card & present

I learned from her boyfriend on friday, that my new friend Kirstin's birthday had been the day before...doh! (;

As we had pre-ordered cinema-tickets for tonights show of "Nanga Parbat"(the story of Reinhold & Günther Messmer) I sat down this morning to make a card & a little gluebound notebook! I forgot to take photos at home so sorry for the iPhone photos (;

As I didn't know anything about her favourite colour - I took mine - AND IT IS HER'S, TOO!!! (;
She really loved the card and the booklet! That made me really happy!
Good job!

Have a good start!

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17 Januar 2010

The day I've waited for!

It's here!

Picked it up excitedly from the customs-office the day before yesterday (15.January)- wanting to open & explore it right away! (;

You want to know what?!

Okay I had a little peek in one of the envelopes while I was there because the lady doing my papers knew scrapbooking (which is still rare over here!) but didn't know "Studio Calico"! (;

As soon as I arrived @home I had a closer look:

Everything is labeled so nicely!

I additionally ordered this punch and the ampersand-stamp was free because I had ordered an add-on (;

Jummy papers! (;

& more! (;

THIS IS A REALLY GREAT DETAIL! A little card showing you who packed your kit! LOVE THAT!!!

Had to do smth right away - ready to be filled! ((;

Off to do something now!!!
I will share the details later!

Winter-Caching and handmade gifts

This is a 1000-year-old little church!
We wouldn't have discovered this little jewel without Geocaching!!!

Too sweet! (;

We celebrated New Year's Eve with 3 of our Geocaching-friends and I was responsible for the "After-midnight-treat" - so I baked our family-tradition - little piggies filled with "Marzipan",ground nuts,cinnamon - mmmh, jummy!


But the best and funny part is that we hide a "good-luck-for-the-new-year"-cent (covered in aluminium-foil") in one of the fillings and whoever finds it will have luck in the new year!
...guess who found it...(and I didn't know!
We also exchanged our little Xmas-gifts and that was my little additional gift for the girls:

On Jan. 1st I made some more of the little notebooks to give to my girlfriends!

This one was almost hard to give away because I really liked how it turned out!

Well-wishes to everyone!

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Updates in Scrapbooking and handmade Xmas-gifts

I had to scrap a LO with a picture while we're out Geocaching as this OUR hobby & WE LOVE IT! (;

YES - my Cricut is loved, too (thx to SCAL I can cut everything!)

And then:
Thanks to Karla Dudley's online workshop I took, I've learned how to glue-bind books. And having fun with that I decided to make these little notebooks for Xmas! We have developped a really nice family-tradition in the past years: the women organize little presents for all of the other female family members and surprise them.

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Mom's birthday present

My sis and I wanted to create something for our Mom to remember our last year's trip to Paris every day!
So we printed our favourite pictures, cut some nice elements with my Cricut Expression and adhered all on cream cardstock! (;


These photos were taken when we had not yet glued it down! (;

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