08 November 2008

Today's post is "heavy on food" (;

So - today's the 1st Birthday of my boss's daughter.
As I already had plans for today, when the invitation came in
I decided to bake something for the little sweetie and bring
it to her before heading on to my planned event...
This is how I decorated the "Whole-Wheat-Apple-Cinnamon-Muffin" for little Charlotte
(...and it matched the decoration her mum put up! ((; )

I'm quite proud about this photo! (;

So main-program-point was the food-fair "Plaza Culinaria"
to which we had received free-entry-tickets.
We saw many delicious things (and of course tasted them, too!) and
we bought 2 pieces of jummy-jummy Swiss Cheese!
Only took a few pictures - this one
was the sweetest picture: the little helper and the chef! (;

The earlier you learn... (;
That's it for today! (;